Help us celebrate our
10th annual aim walk
May 4, 2019 

1. Create a Pure Charity Account: 

Pure Charity is technology provider

(skip this step if you have already created a Pure Charity Account)

2. Verify your pure charity account: 

You will receive an email after creating your pure charity account 

3. Return to this page and click the start team button below:

4. Change Fundraiser name 

5. Change cover photo

6. Choose a funding goal: Select one time donation and set your goal

7. customize your fundraising story

8. Click accept Pure Charity Rules, click start my fundraiser  

 9. Your team will now be on the AIM Homepage!!!


open your team and share with your family and friends!   


Our Vision

To create an inclusive and accepting environment for those we serve in our community, with improved awareness, advocacy, and the best local resources available.

208 N Walton Blvd
Suite 9
Bentonville, AR 72712