Autism Involves Me Sensory Sensitive Movie: Incredibles 2

Join us for a Sensory Sensitive Movie Event 

Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 9:30am

Malco Pinnacle Hills Cinema

Rogers, AR 

This event has sold out 

Due to overwhelming interest, registration is now limited to 6 people per family. If you have an additional immediate family members that need to be registered, please contact us to make other arrangements. Immediate family members only, please. In addition, unregistered individuals will be charged an admission fee of $6.00. No substitutions allowed.


We've been made aware that there is a scene in the movie where there are flashing strobe like lights that might be an issue for our families with Epileptic Children. We want you to know that your child's safety is our priority. Unfortunately, we are unable to make any edits or changes to the films presented. We have made the decision to go forward with our Sensory Sensitive movie on July 14. If you and your family need to leave during this scene or cancel your reservation, we understand completely.